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Art in Ashes – What is an Ash Painting?

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Are you looking for a unique and meaningful way to honor and remember your loved ones? Consider an ash painting. These stunning works of art are created using a small amount of human ashes as a medium, resulting in paintings that are both beautiful and poignant.

Our ash paintings are made human cremation ashes, but we can also use the cremation ashes of your pet. For example your dog, cat or horse. The artist will then recreate one of the ash paintings, using that ash and making sure its nearly a copy of the examples of ash paintings you see here. This makes them a powerful and personal way to memorialize and honor your loved ones, incorporating a part of them into a beautiful and timeless piece of art.

But ash paintings are not the only way to honor your loved ones with ashes. At our webshop, you’ll also find a variety of other ash memorial products, including ash jewelry, ash figurines, and even ash glass art. These products offer a range of ways to incorporate ashes into your life in a meaningful and personal way.

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An ash painting is a type of artwork that is created using ashes as a medium. Ash paintings are typically made by mixing ashes with a binder, such as water, oil, or a special ash painting medium, and then applying the mixture to a surface, such as canvas or wood. The resulting painting is often a monochromatic or grayscale image, as ashes are typically a light-colored material.

Ash paintings can be created using ashes from a variety of sources, including wood ashes, cigarette ashes, and even human cremation ashes. Some artists use ash paintings as a way to pay tribute to loved ones who have passed away, incorporating the ashes of their loved ones into the artwork as a way to memorialize and honor them. Others may be drawn to the unique visual qualities of ash as a medium, using it to create abstract or symbolic images.

Ash paintings can be created using a variety of techniques, including brushwork, palette knife, or even finger painting. Some artists may also incorporate other materials, such as charcoal or graphite, into their ash paintings to create more complex or layered effects.

Ash paintings can be a powerful and meaningful way to memorialize and honor loved ones, and they can also be a unique and visually striking addition to any art collection.

Art in Ashes offers a line of elegant oil paintings on canvas, in which an artist carefully combines the cremated remains of a loved one with the actual oil paint. The combined ashes and paint are then carefully added to the existing painting, adding not only the perfect final accent, but the essence of your dearly departed. The oil paintings are perfect for virtually any home, as the modern and abstract design of each piece is created using the finest of oil paints. The result is a stately work of art that has the very essence of a true masterpiece. One can get lost for hours in stark textures, converging and diverging brushstrokes, layers of contrasting and complimenting colors, and overall movement presented in the piece. These features are what make these paintings a stunning visual remembrance that will become as unforgettable as the people they memorialize.