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Frequently Asked Questions

Read the most frequently asked questions here. Contact us for other questions, we will be glad to help you finding a fine art memorial for your loved one.

What should I pay attention to when buying an urn?

Purchasing an urn is an emotional process in which it’s important that the urn is beautiful, suitable, and durable. We recommend taking your time. Visit our online showroom to see what you like. This will inspire ideas that you can discuss with your family and loved ones. We are here for you and ready to assist.

How much ash is released after a cremation?

On average, about 3 to 3.5 liters of ashes are typically produced after the cremation of an adult.

The amount of ashes can vary based on the person’s size in terms of weight and height, the type of wood used for the casket, and any objects placed in the casket.

When it comes to pet urns, the quantity of ashes released depends on the weight of your beloved animal.

Here, you can find a rough guide to the minimum capacity of urns for both humans and animals.

Which size of urn is suitable?

For the complete preservation of the ashes of an adult, you should have an urn with a capacity of 3 to 3.5 liters.

For a child, you should consider an urn with a capacity of 1.8 liters. The capacity of each urn is specified with each urn. If not, let us know.

A smaller urn can hold a portion of cremation ashes, a lock of hair, or another memento. It’s common for family members to acquire multiple smaller urns so that everyone can preserve a portion of the ashes.

Can I return the urn if I'm not satisfied with it?

All our memorial items are of high quality and meticulously crafted. If your purchase does not meet your satisfaction within this period, no worries.

You can return the item within 14 days without providing a reason. This way, we aim to ease the process for you in any case.

Please note that the artwork must be returned in its original condition and packaging.

Read more about our return policy here. Unfortunately, it is NOT possible to return an ash painting.

Can a painting include clothing or belongings of someone who has passed away?

Yes, it is possible to create a painting that incorporates clothing or personal items of a deceased individual. This can be a meaningful way to memorialize the person and create a unique and personal artwork. Reach out to us.

How do I send the Ashes for a Purchased Ash Painting?
  1. Purchase the desired ash painting. Our artist will recreate as shown on the pictures, but of course the end result may have differences.
  2. Send us the order number. Either via email, or submit it as a ‘purchase note’ in the check out process.
  3. We will confirm the order and contact you about shipping instructions.
  4. Our Artists will recreate the image. They respectfuly include a bit of your loved ones’ ash in the painting.
  5. The artwork will be delivered to your home. You will receive a track-and-trace code to track your shipment.
What is Corten Steel?

Our cremation/funeral (metal) urns are uniquely designed, made in a limited edition and use the highest quality materials, which in this case in Corten Steel.

Do you have any information about the artist?

Yes, we have information about the artist available on the product page for each artwork. You can also contact us if you have specific questions about the artist or their work.

How do I care for my artwork?

Some artworks are weatherproof, like our urns, but wall art and framed artworks may need care. You can care for your artwork by keeping it out of direct sunlight and away from sources of moisture or heat. If the artwork is framed, you should also make sure the frame is secure and in good condition.

Do you offer custom artworks?

Yes, we offer custom artworks and/or sizes. You can contact us with your specific requests and we will do our best to accommodate them. Please note that custom artworks may take longer to create and may be subject to additional fees.

Do you offer international shipping?

Yes, we offer international shipping to many countries around the world. The cost of international shipping will be calculated during the checkout process based on the destination and size of the artwork. However, we offer free shipping for a lot of a normal sized items.

Do you offer discounts or promotions?

Yes, we offer discounts and promotions from time to time. You can sign up for our newsletter during registration to receive updates about promotions and sales. You can also follow us on Instagram to stay informed about the latest offers.