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Pet Urns

We understand that the loss of your beloved pet is a painful and heartbreaking moment. Nevertheless, we know what it feels like to say goodbye to a loyal friend and that is why we want to be there for you in this difficult time with our pet urns.

With our collection of pet urns, you can always carry your beloved pet with you to keep the memory of your pet alive. Our urns come in different materials and sizes so that you can choose a suitable urn for your pet. Moreover, most urns can be placed both indoors and outdoors.

We understand that choosing a pet urn or ash jewelry is an emotional decision and that is why we want to help you as best we can. Therefore, we are always ready for you through our contact form.

With a pet urn from Art-Memorials, you bring a beautiful piece of art into your home or garden and thus a tangible memory of the passing of your pet. Whether you are looking for a classic urn or a modern urn, we have it all.

To keep your deceased dog, cat, horse, rabbit or any other pet alive after passing, Art-Memorials offers a collection of pet urns and pet ash jewelry and figurines.

We have special urns for your beloved pet. We have urns for pets such as: dog urns, cat urns, and horse urns. But also urns with a dove, pet urns with hearts, paw prints, or a candle.

Pet urns in different materials

We offer a variety of materials to choose from so you can find an urn that matches the personality and lifestyle of your pet.

Our urns are made of durable materials such as ceramic, wood, marble, granite, bronze, and brass so that your urn can last for generations.

In addition, we offer various unique finishes and treatments for urns, such as gold-plated steel, corten steel, coated steel, and different types of paint, so that your urn can truly be unique and personal.

Our urns are not only suitable for indoor use, but also for outdoor use. Depending on the material, they can be placed in the cemetery, garden, balcony, or wherever you like.

Pet urns in different sizes

We have a selection of the most beautiful pet urns, both large and small. Depending on your preference and the size of your pet, you can choose a pet urn.

We have pet urns that are suitable for the complete preservation of your pet, but you can also choose to keep only a small amount of the ashes and opt for a smaller urn.

Below you can see which urn size you need for the ashes of your pet.

What pet urn do you need?

To assist you as best as possible, you can find in the table below the minimum volume of the pet urn based on the body weight of your beloved pet.

Body weight (for cremation) Minimum pet urn volume
Up to 1 Kg 0.15 L
1 Kg – 5 Kg 0.20 L
5 Kg – 8 Kg 0.50 L
8 Kg – 12 Kg 1.00 L
12 Kg – 20 Kg 1.50 L
20 Kg – 35 Kg 2.00 L
35 Kg – 65 Kg 2.80 L

Although the above table can be confronting as it concerns the cremation of your pet, we offer it to provide an indication of the amount of ashes of your pet. You can always decide to keep only a part of the ashes in the urn and scatter or keep the rest in another way.

The above table is based on averages.

Questions? Feel free to ask and we will get back to you as soon as possible.