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Corten Steel Urns

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Embrace the unique charm of our Corten Steel Cremation Urns, a beautiful sub collection of our affordable and exclusive Metal Cremation Urns.

Known for their distinctive weathered look, Corten Steel merge strength with artistic beauty.

Corten Steel Urns are known for its weather-resistant properties, which make sure that your artwork stays protected, year after year.

The rustic patina that transforms over time on Corten steel symbolizes the natural cycle of existence, making each urn a unique piece of art. Each urn becomes a personalized art piece.

TheĀ  cremation urns serve as a beautiful centerpiece, subtly capturing attention in any room or outdoor space.

The crafting process of these urns is eco-friendly, we use sustainable materials that reflect our commitment to the environment.

Whether for a small keepsake or a full-size urn, minimalist urn design or intricate, our range meets your requirements.

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Or read more about how Corten steel gets it distinct look: The Ageing Process of Corten Steel.

Check out all our handcrafted Corten Steel products here and do not hesitate to contact the Art-Memorials team if you have any questions or special requests.

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