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Decorative Floral Urns for Human Ashes

Get mesmerized by our exclusive collection of decorative urns. Flowers, Plants and Roses cremation urns, exclusively at Art-Memorials.

Flowers capture the essence of life’s beauty. Was your loved one vibrant, graceful, or maybe a lover of gardening?

If so, flowers, trees and plants might hold special memories. Consider buying a floral cremation urn from our collection to beautifully honor their memory.

Examples of our decorative floral cremation urns

Tree of Life

Symbolically depicting generations through roots and branches of a tree of life, this cremation urn represent the intergenerational relationship, growth and the cycle of birth and passing.

This floral cremation urn is offered in both (coated) Stainless Steel and Corten Steel.

The Flower

Beautiful and playful urn for human ashes, also suitable as a children urn. The flower is symbolic of new beginnings, growth and the cyclical nature of life.

Ceramic Flower Urn

Our decorative floral urns blend seamlessly into any home.

In-house artists and external artists collaborate exclusively to design all our urns. This way you are sure you will receive a handmade urn made of the highest-quality sustainable and eco-friendly materials.

When you are looking for the perfect cremation urn, we have something for everyone.

Plus, all our flower-themed cremation urns have free shipping.

Contact us if you have any questions or special requests.