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Metal Urns

Explore our Metal Urns collection, where strength meets beauty. These urns are perfect for a peaceful final tribute to your loved ones.

Every urn is carefully handmade, not just to hold ashes, but as a beautiful symbol of your love and memories.

Our Stainless Steel Urns are really tough and look modern. They last a long time and are a great way to keep the memory of your loved one alive. Their shiny and smooth look is great for people who like to buy a cremation urn that is a symbol for both modern and strong.

Or embrace the unique charm of our Corten Steel Cremation Urns. Known for their distinctive weathered look, these urns merge strength with artistic beauty.

The rustic patina that develops over time on Corten steel symbolizes the natural cycle of existence, making each urn a unique piece of art.

Our Bronze Cremation Urns are unique, classic and beautifully handmade. They have detailed designs and are made to last, connecting to the past.

The rich color of bronze shows respect and is perfect for remembering a well-lived life.

Also you can shop for other metal cremation urns. We have many other choices for materials, like aluminum and copper.

Each type has its own special features, from light aluminum to shiny copper urns. You’ll find an urn that fits what you want.

Browse, view and shop our Metal Urns collection to find the perfect resting place for those you hold dear.

Do you need assistance when buying a metal cremation urn? You can contact our team easily via the contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.