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Cat Urns are a collection of artworks that are dedicated to man’s best feline friend.

Cremation urns for Cats, Kittens and other Felines. Buy handmade cat funeral urns here.

Funeral artworks for your cat friend.

All of our urns for cats are made in limited edition.

In this category of animal urns, you will find all kinds of urns for the ashes of your cat.

For example, we have the highest quality Corten Steel cremation urns for cats in various designs with names that correspondent to the artists’ impressions.

Some of the corten steel artworks have a story attached to names like “Pride” and “Wisdom”. Make sure to read the product descriptions.

The Corten steel urns come with the tools, screws and bags needed to seal it so it is suited for indoor and outdoor use.

When the weatherproof funeral urn is placed outside, the colors will come alive over time which gives the impression of an evolving artwork.

We also have wooden urns for cats and ceramic cat urns. Handmade and mostly in limited edition.

Over time we will have more beautiful and uniquely designed artworks for sale, so make sure to check back later.

Contact us for tailored requests (or other questions) so we can provide a beautiful and secure resting place for those who love cats and other felines.