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Children Urns

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Our urns for children and infants are especially lovingly designed.

Works of art to honor the innocence of a child’s soul, your deep connection and hope for a better place for all those who have passed away too soon. The urns are all made from exceptionally high quality, sustainable materials with decorative elements.

From hand-painted one-of-a-kind pieces to custom designs, the selection of beautiful and thoughtful urns for children is vast.

For the pottery of several ceramic urns used a special technique.
For example, “raku firing” – raku firing means that a ceramic work of art is fired at a low temperature.

In the beginning there are several molds, which are covered with wet clay in several layers.

Then the urn is baked in the kiln, painted and heated again in the kiln.

This is a lot of work and a true testament to artistic skill.