Art in Ashes - Exclusive Funeral Products

Welcome to the Design Center

Where unique contemporary and classical urns and memorials, along with handcrafted keepsake products and memory artefacts by selected artists, await to create exclusive and cherished funeral remembrances.

We take pride in curating an exceptional collection of memorials that encompass diverse aesthetics and evoke profound emotional connections.

Explore our collection of projects in the making—captivating memorials and urns in the creation process.

Our mission is to provide you with the opportunity to discover and acquire memorials that reflect your emotions and aid in preserving the memory of your loved ones. We believe that art can be an integral part of memories.

Here you will find information about exciting new projects in collaboration with artists all over the world. Learn more about how we design and create new types of cremation urns, keepsakes and other funeral memorial artworks.

Design Center of Art Memorials:Funeral Cremation Urns, Keepsakes and More

Projects in Progress

Explore ongoing projects in our Design Centre showcasing memorials and urns that are in the process of creation. 

Understanding that finding the perfect memorial is a personal journey, we offer the option to purchase selected memorials even during their developmental stages. This allows you to secure a unique product for remembrance during challenging times.

Artists and Bespoke Offerings

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