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Introducing a Series of Ceramic Memorials by Nicolaas Maathuis – an exclusive collection that represents a fusion of artistry and functionality, offering a unique variation of memorials curated exclusively and available for the discerning patrons of Art-Memorials Design Center.

This series represents a combination of artistic homage and functional aspects, designed to honour cherished memories as memorials.

Each vase in this series embodies the timeless elegance and intricate craftsmanship reminiscent of classical Dutch artistry.

The meticulously crafted ceramic flowers adorn these vases, evoking a sense of artful remembrance and reminiscent of the exquisite still-life artworks from the Golden Age of the Dutch masters.

Pieces within this collection are a testament to the artful bond of tradition and modernity, offering patrons the opportunity to embrace the beauty of the past in their spaces.

Nicolaas Maathuis

Cremation urns artist

Born on June 23, 1959, in Deventer, The Netherlands, Nicolaas embarked on a diverse journey spanning various fields before finding a calling in visual arts.
Marked by a vibrant childhood neighbourhood and a love for sports, his explorations in music and studies in pedagogy, visual arts, and law reflected his diverse interests.
However, within the realm of visual arts, Nicolaas discovered a true passion. His artistic career blossomed unexpectedly, marked by successful commissions and sales.
Settling in Buren, creative fervour was channelled into art, expressing a unique vision through ongoing artistic endeavours.
The initiative, “Ceramics by Nicolaas Maathuis,” embodies artistic expression applied to everyday objects, meticulously handcrafted in small batches.