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Chroessi Schnell

Designer of our Rustic steel urn collection

Chroessi Schnell studied art, theater and education in Essen. After completing her studies in 2011, she first worked in Mülheim a.d. Ruhr and Hanover.

Today she works as a teacher of art and theater in Bocholt.

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Suzanne Willems

Designer and Creator of Ceramic Dog Urn Artworks

„I’ve always loved dogs… dogs are my muzes”

Already during her studies at the art academy, the artist made various animal sculptures with the aim of depicting different emotions and characters of dogs and other animals.

To capture and highlight the very unique nature of each dog, and also the relationship between dog and owner.

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Gerhard Richter

Gerhard Richter (born February 9, 1932) is a German visual artist.

Richter has produced abstract and photorealistic paintings, as well as photographs and pieces of glass.

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Heidi Gerstner

View her Symbolic Art Paintings

This is by my spatula technique, underlined with precious materials such as silver and gold!

PICTURES are like good pieces of music, they please when the composition is right for the viewer!

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Marike Fahrenhorst

Designer and Creator of Vases and small Suitcases Artworks

Marike Farenhorst has done various textile courses including fashion at the art academy and teaches textile work forms at the Free School. She makes combinations “WITH TEXTILE”; paints landscapes portraits and nudes on a background of other textiles, portraits are framed in textile, or a portrait is made up of threads. And in recent years she has also combined ceramics and textiles, that exciting combination of hard and soft, it is always 2 worlds that come together in her work.

She wants to be able to make connections, discover new materials or connect them. Connecting is a crucial word for her. What is possible and more can be possible. And what does that have to do with communication, thinking, other countries, society, the world around her. Want to interpret the world with an independent view and to be investigating her own obstinacy in this, philosophy, dare to think.

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