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Cultural, Religious and Spiritual

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Honor the lives of your loved ones with one of our beautiful religious cremation urns, cultural cremation urns, and spiritual cremation urns. Let your loved one shine faith in heaven as much as on earth.

We have carefully selected a range of beautiful cremation urns that can hold your loved one’s ashes while honoring their religious or cultural beliefs.

Our selection includes urns designed to honor your religious beliefs: Christian Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, Celtic, Jewish, and more.

Browse our selection of Cross Ash Urns, Angel Urns, Prayer Urns, Jesus Urns, Bible Urns, and more.

An angel urn, in various colors and finishes from both coated and gold finish projects peace around everyone.

The cross urn is perfect to find a last resting place in the hands of a loving god.

A beautiful Dove Cremation Ash Urn symbolizes peace and freedom.

The Star is a beautiful spiritual urn and is suitable for both adults and children urn. This way your loved one will always shine from above.

The Tree of Life cremation urns come in many variations and styles. This spiritual urn symbolizes growth in the afterlife and will keep the ashes safe and grounded. We offer the Tree of Life in both Corten Steel and (coated) Stainless Steel.

Other Religious Cremation urns for Ashes

We have exclusive religious and other cultural cremation urns that will graciously keep the ashes of your special person.

The cultural, religious and spiritual urns come in many styles, colors and materials.

There are options for wood, bronze, stone, ceramic, corten steel, stainless steel and golden (religious) urns. Explore all metal urns here.

All our urns are exclusively designed in collaboration with in-house artists and external artist. This way you are sure you will receive a handmade urn made of the highest-quality sustainable and eco-friendly materials.

When you are looking for the perfect cremation urn, we have something for everyone.

Plus, all our religious-themed cremation urns have free shipping.

Contact us freely if you have any questions or special requests.