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Golden Dove – red container

Golden Dove – red container


The urn depicting a dove symbolizes eternal peace. The form of medallions with appliqu├ęs conveys the feeling of liberation from the cycle of life.


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The Dove

The dove is traditionally a symbol of peace, love and hope. In the wild, this elegant bird is distinguished by its special fidelity and its distinctive, melancholy call.
I have drawn this dove in the state of landing or rising, because even death is only a transition, an end and at the same time a beginning. It is meant to represent that parting with a loved one is the beginning of a journey to another place.

The dove as a symbol of peace reminds us that peace is the most precious commodity. Only those who make peace with themselves and with others can say goodbye with a great conscience, rest in peace, and consider life together a wonderful gift. Those who value peace are also capable of love, of forgiving themselves and others, of caring for themselves and others. This ability to love, find peace, and make peace is the foundation of many religions and cultures around the world, uniting them in the hope that the life lived was a precious one and that one is ready for the next great journey.

The urn depicting a dove is handcrafted with 24k gold leaf gilding. It symbolizes eternal peace. The shape of the medallions with applications conveys the feeling of liberation from the cycle of life.

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