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4 Tips to Choose and Buy a High-Quality Urn in 2024

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When a loved one passes away, you want to remember them in a special way. When your loved one is cremated, choosing an urn becomes an important task. It is usually wise to opt for a high-quality urn, as they are often superior in every aspect. In this blog, you will find four tips for selecting a high-quality urn for your loved one.

Choose High-Quality Materials

The first tip for selecting an urn is to choose high-quality materials. Urns of higher quality are often made of durable and beautiful materials such as bronze, gold-plated, or ceramic, which enhance the aesthetic value and durability of the urn. While these materials may increase the price of the urn, they ensure that the urn becomes a beautiful and enduring resting place for your loved one.

Select the Right Size

It is important to choose the right size. The size of the urn depends on the amount of ashes remaining after cremation. In general, the larger the urn, the more expensive it can be. Choosing the right size can contribute to the durability and aesthetic value of the urn and can help you bid farewell to your loved one in the best possible way. View our category pages for a rule of thumb, or read our post that goes into more detail.

Consider Customizable Urns

The last piece of advice for selecting a high-quality urn is to consider customizable urns. These are urns that can be personalized with engravings, photos, or other unique elements that make the urn special for your loved one, both human and pets. While this may increase the cost of the urn, it also makes the urn unique and personal, which can aid in the grieving process. Choosing a customizable urn, for example a personalized dog bone, can help you create an honorable final resting place that truly reflects the unique personality and life of your loved one. Therefore, it is definitely worth considering.


These days, cremation doesn’t have to be expensive. By opting for an affordable cremation, you’ll have more budget left for other expenses. Since the urn is likely to be the place where your loved one will remain for a long time, it may have a higher priority than, for example, more expensive flowers purchased for the cremation.