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How to fill a Stainless Steel or Corten Steel Urn

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how to fill a stainless steel or corten steel urn for cremation ashes

Filling the stainless or Corten steel urn is straightforward.

All the supplies for filling and sealing the urn are provided. The (stainless steel) urn is sealed and capable of withstanding high tensile strength. Filling a stainless or Corten steel urn is straightforward. Follow these steps:

  1. Put the supplied plastic bag into the urn container, leaving a portion of the (plastic) ash bag outside.
  2. Pour (a portion of) the ashes in the plastic bag. Use a spoon or other tool if necessary.
  3. Seal the ash bag with the provided zip tie and place it entirely inside the urn’s opening.
  4. Ensure that the edges of the urn are free from grease, moisture or dust.
  5. Put the other part firmly against the ash container.
  6. Attach the urn parts together and screw the nuts tight, all sides evenly
  7. Press the cover firmly, and check if all nuts are screwed equally. Alternatively, check if the ash container and the urn are sealed in case of another mounting method.
  8. The stainless steel urn or Corten steel urn is now filled and sealed.

Of course, you can also entrust the filling of the urn to the crematorium or funeral director.

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