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“Symbolism for Memory”

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Curator’s Choice – 2023

Memories are synonymous with symbolism – they represent who we are, where we come from, and what we’ve been through.

Memories are more than just recollections of the past. They are a vital part of our identities and the foundation of our existence. Memories allow us to relive experiences, learn from mistakes, and cherish the moments that define us.

In this Curator’s article, we’ll explore the deep connection between symbolism and memory, and how understanding this connection can help us appreciate the beauty and complexity of our own experiences. So let’s dive in and discover the power of symbolism for memory.

Eliza Sereda

Originally from Ukraine and now in South Korea for her PhD studies in Art and Culture Management major.

Eliza received her Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design in 2019. In 2021 she received her master’s degree in Art Mediation at the Wroclaw Academy of Arts, with a thesis about symbols in virtual and natural forms of communication.

“When I’m looking back at myself, art has always been a part of my life. Coming from a family of artists from childhood I was surrounded by books on art and design and have repeatedly witnessed incredible performances and collaborations of local poets, artists and actionists. As a result, I became infatuated with creation.

I am interested in curating creative processes and thus developing culture by acquainting the general public with it, helping to find appropriate channels for its transmission.”

The current selection of Curator’s Choice reflects a vision that is open to interpretation as a medium for the transmission of feelings.


KC30053 – Suzanne Willems

“Designed to reflect the pets character, this ceramic urn honours the memory of a beloved four-legged companion.”

Honour your pet with this ceramic urn. As the porcelain dog obeys the command at the spring ball with flowers, “Luna” will remind you of your faithful dog, who has always been the best companion. They are fired and glazed at 1040 degrees and they are not frost resistant.

Also check out the alternative styles of this urn.

Geometric Dove

KC01989 – Frank Shepard Fairey

This piece perfectly combines the aesthetics of the mid-20th century with a symbol of hope that has remained unchanging for centuries.

Featuring a dove in modern geometric composition and stylized in blues, blacks and reds, the piece evokes a mid-century style. According to ancient beliefs, the soul of a person who has passed turns into a dove. Therefore, this delicate graphic can become a symbolic reminder of a loved one.


KC00452 – Gerhard Richter

This piece perfectly combines the aesthetics of the mid-20th century with a symbol of hope that has remained unchanging for centuries.

The blurred human skull in varying degrees of natural light relates to a longstanding tradition of still life memento mori painting. Lithograph based on a photograph taken by Richter in his own studio from the 1982 and 1983 series Skulls.


KC90823 – Lili Yuan

Reflects natural harmony, and unity with the surrounding world. Giving attention to the place of a person in the world, as well as empathy for every living thing.

Graphics from a series entitled “Five Elements of Daoist Philosophy” in ink and gold elements.


KC01382 – Pino Masnata

Futuristic deformed composition with the free verse that dynamically twists and describes the transience of life.

French Lily

KC01525 – Eva Ruhland

A multiplying lily on a dark blue background symbolises saints or blessed ones in heraldry. Embody brilliance, courage, and nobility, as well as honesty, and devotion.

Upgrade 1

KC90947 – Beaupont

With a combination of art and craft techniques, this artwork is rich with symbolism. It is centralised, stretched out like strings and even rings bells to make it possible to see both yourself and the entirety of the universe.

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