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Two Shells

Two Shells



The artwork “Two Shells” by the artist Per Gernhardt is extraordinary and an eye-catcher for every room, Color Offset.
Two perfect shells in delicate light are shown in this colour lithograph, 20th century.
The shells and dwellings of the mussel stand for fertility and regeneration of life. With the passing away, a process of regeneration can begin, from which something new can emerge.


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Per Gernhard “Two Shells”

Per Gernhardt was born in Posen in 1941.
1967 Studies at the Hochschule für bildende Künste, Berlin, with Prof. Dörries.
The artist has lived in Wendland since 1980.

Gernhardt has developed a personal subtle style of realism, which always keeps the possibilities of viewing the observed environment open. He is characterised as a painter of light and air, who lays a filter of colour over the chosen details and thus creates a poetic atmosphere.

The artwork “Two Shells” by Per Gernhard is an extraordinary eye-catcher.
Two perfect shells in the delicate light.

The color of hope here refers to the green light mood, the glimmer of hope. Green is also found in nature and refers to the natural course of things.

The shell and the dwelling represents fertility and regeneration of life. Two perfect shells in the delicate light.

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