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Unique earthenware with lid, 32 cm high. Contents 3.5 liters. Signed

Honour loved ones with Ceramic Memorial urn by Nicolaas Maathuis – An art testament to the enduring bond between tradition and modernity. The classically shaped vase decorated with beautiful flowers that pays homage to the Golden Age of Dutch workmanship.

Some time ago I started making urns/vases (ceramics) My main idea is to create a special and one-off product. Specially designed as a reminder of a loved one. Where ashes are kept can be used and/or as a souvenir. All urns are unique and made by hand. They often become composed of several partial shapes, on which the decorations/ornaments to be applied. All urns are signed and accompanied by a justification delivered


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Introducing a Series of Ceramic Memorials by Nicolaas Maathuis – an exclusive collection that represents a fusion of artistry and functionality, offering a unique variation of memorials curated exclusively and available for the discerning patrons of Art-Memorials Design Center.

This series represents a combination of artistic homage and functional aspects, designed to honour cherished memories as memorials. Each vase in this series embodies the timeless elegance and intricate craftsmanship reminiscent of classical Dutch artistry. The meticulously crafted ceramic flowers adorn these vases, evoking a sense of artful remembrance and reminiscent of the exquisite still-life artworks from the Golden Age of the Dutch masters. Pieces within this collection are a testament to the artful bond of tradition and modernity, offering patrons the opportunity to embrace the beauty of the past in their spaces.


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32 cm / 12.6 inch