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Wooden Urn 3 – Exclusive unique piece

Wooden Urn 3 – Exclusive unique piece


This wooden urn is made of calabas wood (Brazil nuts). The base is made of teak wood, the lid is made of mohogany wood, and the knob is made of ebony wood.


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This Wooden urn made from the Halesia Carolina tree is a perfect addition for any environment.
It depicts the embodiment of nature’s link to your loved ones.
The tree, symbol of life, will accompany one during and after the grieving process.
Thanks to the carnauba wax finish and size, this wooden urn will settle perfectly, wherever you’d like to see it.

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Dimensions (cm)

Diameter top: 12 cm
Diameter bottom: 12 cm
Diameter belly: 16,5cm
Height op the urn: 24 cm
Capacity: 0,4 Liter

Dimensions (inch)

Diameter top: 4,7 inch
Diameter bottom: 4,7 inch
Diameter belly: 6,5 inch
Height of the urn: 9,4 inch